Tuesday, September 24

Bouverie Rd West Shop Traders

I have started making a logo for a local cafe and restaurant, The Shed. This is a rough sketch using 'The Shed' type that they already have in use.

Luckily The Shed also happens to be on the same Bouverie Rd West which is the same street Where I volunteer at a charity store called 'The Changing Room'; making -another project that I am currently doing - way easier, as I can incoroporate the logo and ideas I am doing for 'Bouverie Rd West' with ideas for 'The Shed'.

'Bouverie Rd West' is a road full of great quality shops, cafes and restaurants that find little benefit from its location, as it is situated just outside of the Folkestone town centre - making a lot of people miss out on it's great offers. Knowing this, the shop traders have started planning ways to get it more known to the public by holding street events, parties and soon to be a market. You can see more about them here.

I am sure to upload more ideas from my sketchbook in the next few days for both Bouverie Rd West and The Shed.

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