Monday, August 3


I have a friend called Mike. He has a blog, and this blog is pure great-ness especially his most recent post, check it out: White Blank Page. He is quick to pick up on the latest happenings and recommends stuff you really should give a listen, try, wear, or look at. I don't believe him, until a couple weeks later i force myself to do said thing and so far his recommendations have led me to watching the most funniest film of the year, and watching one of the greatest tv program's to be shown recently. Well worth a look!  

Forgot to mention he is also a brilliant photographer! You can view some of his work over here

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volume_3 said...


*cough* STALKER *cough* :P

Awww thanks Grace :D :D
Thats so sweet!
That photo is bad though :(

Haha :D