Thursday, June 25

I Spy a Bicycle

I spotted this bike over at words, a blog and it is the perfect bike. I've been wanting a bike for ages seeing as it will make life easily and i will save on bus/train fare, WHICH i could put towards buying that plate set!
I had a bike similar to this a year ago, but it had flat tires which i couldn't be bothered to change so it rusted outside in the garden for many years.
 My sister told me to look out the window one day, and there it was in the back of a van being catered off to the junk yard, my mum had given it away without my word. I couldn't believe my eyes or ears. I now see that I appreciated the bike's presence rather than its uses, it was there if i needed it.

Lowdown on bus fares:
£1.70 - one way
£3.30 - day saver

BUT i have found out i can take the train for £1.15 return. But it also includes a 20 minute walk to the train station :|

1 comment:

angela said...

I LOVE that bike!!

I'm sorry to hear the story of your old bike, I guess now there is room for a new one! :)